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Olivia Thorne Romance Novels


All That He Wants VOLUME 1

Over one passionate weekend, mysterious Connor Brooks leads Lily through a world of sensual delights and showers her with wealth and extravagance beyond her wildest dreams. But every forbidden fruit comes with a price.

Connor is not the man he claims to be, and dangerous figures from his past are lurking in the shadows, waiting to destroy him – and Lily, too, if she gets in their way.

This book contains the first four parts of the series, over 500 pages!

All That He Wants - Part 1 (Currently free)
All That He Desires - Part 2
All That He Demands - Part 3
All That He Requires - Part 4

Steamy excerpt (Mature content):

    His finger slowly traced its way down the side of my neck.
    Another knee-buckler.
    My muscles trembled and my skin became gooseflesh. I moaned a little louder.
    His finger softly caressed the curve of my collarbone… then the other… then curved back around and lightly grazed the top swell of my breasts.
    The inside of my thighs were aching, I wanted him so badly.
    Then his finger moved up my throat, lightly over my chin, and touched my mouth, slowly, softly caressing my bottom lip.
    “Take me in your mouth,” he ordered, his voice husky with restrained desire.
    My stomach fluttered as my eyes popped open.
    He wants me to… to go down on him?
    I wasn’t ordinarily used to being ordered to do that on command, but… this wasn’t an ordinary Friday night for me by any stretch of the imagination.
    And the idea of having his gorgeous shaft between my lips again… well, I hoped it would quickly get detoured to another part of my body.
    My eyes looked over at his pants zipper.
    There was a huge bulge pressing against the material, at what I’m sure was a very uncomfortable angle for him.
    I raised my hand to his thigh –
    He caught my wrist in his other hand, the hand that had not been tracing along my body.
    “No,” he whispered. “Take my fingers in your mouth.”
    I frowned a little.
    He wants his fingers sucked, but not the… uh… other thing?
    He extended his middle finger to join the forefinger, then brushed my lips and slowly eased between them.
    I stared into his eyes as I let him penetrate me.
    “Show me what you’d do to me,” he ordered, his voice barely louder than his breathing.
    The slow-boiling urgency in his voice made me forget my confusion and hesitation.
    I began to suck.
    I wet his fingers first, slowly moving up the length of them. Then I moved backwards, running the tip of my tongue along the underside.
    I started to go faster, the way I might if I were trying to pleasure the, uh, ‘real deal.’
    “Slow,” he whispered.
    So I slowed down, moving at an incredibly sensual pace. I moved my hands up to the base of his fingers and began to caress the top of his hand and lightly tickle his palm with my fingernails.
    From the groans and pained expression on his face, I think he enjoyed it.
    Because his fingers were a lot (a LOT!) smaller than his shaft, I had way more margin for error and more room to work with. Less performance pressure, you might say.
    And I didn’t have to concentrate on doing the best job possible because, hey, there was no way in the world he was going to have an orgasm from this.
    And I didn’t have to worry about… um… being too good and having things end unexpectedly, if you know what I mean.
    For the first time ever, I paid attention to my own sensations: the velvet pressure on my tongue… him stroking sensuously inside me… the way he softly grazed the top of my mouth as I sucked on him…
    Strangely enough, by removing the most obvious sexual element from it, the act became as much about my pleasure as his.
    The entire time, we gazed into each other’s eyes. His were heavy and half-lidded most of the time, like he was hypnotized.
    It was incredibly sexy.
    And then I felt his fingers slide softly across my tongue, pause on my lower lip, and then slip away from my mouth.
    I felt real disappointment at having to stop.
    “Next round,” he whispered hoarsely.

Copyright 2012-2016 Olivia Thorne
No part of this excerpt may be reprinted or reused without author's permission.

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