Hard As Rock Part 3

The conclusion of the Rock Star's Seduction series, and sequel to Rock Me Hard and Rock All Night!

Betrayal. Heartbreak. Devastation. Kaitlyn is reeling from the events of the last book, and flees back to New York to heal.

All her dreams and hopes seem dead... but could she find happiness with someone else waiting in the wings? Or will Derek, now obsessed with her, refuse to let her go?

Steamy excerpt (Mature content):

     “I’ll ask you what I asked you four years ago: do you wake up happy in the mornings because he’s right there beside you?” he whispered. “Do you get sad the second he leaves, because you can’t stand to be apart? Does he make your heart stop when he walks in the room?”
    He reached out and gripped my arms.
    His touch was like fire, like electricity, like sex. I felt it spreading through my entire body.
    “Do you crave his touch? Do you feel like his kisses are a drug? Does it make you insane not to be around him, not to be naked with him, not to have him inside you?” he asked, his voice low and husky. “Because that’s the way I feel when I’m not around you.”
    He was killing me. When he said to have him inside you, I felt myself get wet just from the sound of his voice.
    He let me go – at least, with his touch. But his words, his voice, gripped me more strongly than his hands ever could have.
    “You belong with me, Kaitlyn,” he whispered. “You know it’s true. You belong with me.”
    My body wanted to go to him. His words… his voice… his body… his face… all of them drew me to him like a magnet.

Copyright 2013-2016 Olivia Thorne
No part of this excerpt may be reprinted or reused without author's permission.

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