Midnight Desire Part 1

Fiona was a private investigator in Los Angeles when her cousin was murdered. Now she's going undercover in the California town where a dangerous motorcycle gang holds sway.

She was determined to find her cousin's killer. What she didn't count on was Jack Pollari - the insanely hot, bad-boy president of the MC who takes an immediate interest in her.

As their mutual desire spirals deeper and hotter, the question remains: will Jack help her solve her cousin's murder... or doom Fiona to the same fate?

Part 1 of the Midnight Riders series!

Steamy excerpt (Mature content):

    His powerful arms closed around me and his mouth pressed feverishly against mine. I opened my mouth and let his tongue slide against mine, possessive and insistent.
    He shut the door behind me, then slammed me against the wall and kissed me deeper.
    A flood of adrenaline and pleasure shot through me when he did.
    His bare skin was hot against my exposed arms as he wrapped himself around me. I felt his muscles move and swell, and I couldn’t get enough of his chiseled hardness against my softer curves.
    Something else was moving and swelling, too. I could feel it pressing against my belly, with almost nothing between it and me. At first it was just a solid, heavy pressure, then it slowly began growing, getting thicker.
    Jesus I wanted to see it.
    I wanted to see it before it was all the way hard.
    I broke off his kiss and sank down to my knees.
    He looked down at me, confused, as though to say What?
    I looked up at him, bit my lip with a smile, and began to tug at the bottom of his boxers.
    You know when a guy’s lean and ripped, and he has that curve of muscle where his abs go all the way down to the base of his cock?
    Jack had that.
    And God it was beautiful.
    I watched the cloth slide down his flat, hard stomach and held my breath as the boxers pulled slowly away, like I was unwrapping the best Christmas present ever.
    The outside slope of his abs… the dark thatch of hair against his bronze skin… and finally the base of his cock.
    Jesus it was thick. Very wide.
    And he wasn’t even halfway hard yet.
    I kept pulling, and the shaft of his cock began to appear.
    It was beautiful, with bulging veins beneath the perfect skin.
    And though it wasn’t quite as thick as the base, the rest of it was plenty big.
    I kept pulling on the boxers, down, down, down.
    And his cock kept going, and going, and going.
    Oh my God.
    I’d seen a few male members in my life. This was the biggest by far.
    Finally, when the boxers were almost halfway down his thighs, the head slipped free of the waistband and sprang up. It was big and round and bulbous, blunt and pink and swollen.
    He still wasn’t fully erect, but he was getting there quickly with every heartbeat.
    My mouth was watering as I watched it slowly expand, raising upward, getting straighter and longer and harder.
    Suddenly I was seized with the desire to taste it. To feel it in my mouth before he was hard all the way.
    I circled him with my right hand and felt him firm and massive in my grasp. Hot as blood beneath my fingers, the skin soft as satin, but everything beneath getter harder by the second.
    At my touch, his cock suddenly spasmed – a surge of blood that made his shaft slightly bigger. Then it deflated for a second, only to go back to slowly growing.
    I could smell him, smell the clean musk of his body, the warm saltiness of his skin, the animal scent that drove me wild when he’d held me earlier.
    I couldn’t wait any longer. I opened my mouth and took his head between my lips until he was nestled firmly in my mouth.
    I felt another surge in his cock, and his head expanded, even bigger against my tongue.
    My eyes rolled back in my head with the pleasure of feeling him swell inside my mouth.
    “Unnnnh,” he groaned, and I felt his fingers touch my ears, brush my hair.

Copyright 2013-2016 Olivia Thorne
No part of this excerpt may be reprinted or reused without author's permission.

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