Rock Me Hard Part 1

Kaitlyn Reynolds is a year out of college and fighting to become a journalist when she gets the biggest break of her young life: the shot at a cover story in Rolling Stone magazine. But there’s a catch.

She’ll be covering the hottest bad-boy in rock, Derek Kane, whom Kaitlyn met when she was a freshman in college and he was a struggling unknown. It was passionate two-week affair: tumultuous, sensual, exhilarating… and it ended very, very badly.

Now Kaitlyn has to decide whether she can face the pain of the past, her fear of the future – and the man who might just have been the One.

Steamy excerpt (Mature content):

    I shook my head. “I am not a morning person. I’ll be useless if I try to do that. I have to stay up as late as I can.”
    “You want to stay awake?”
    “Yeah, of course,” I said, and yawned again.
    “Okay… I’ll keep you awake,” he said softly, and leaned in to kiss me.
    It took me completely by surprise.
    Maybe it was that he’d kept things decidedly platonic ever since our conversation in the parking lot.
    Maybe it was that I’d been lulled into a sense of false security.
    Maybe it was because I was so tired.
    All I know is that I jerked back a little – just an inch or two, and stared at him in shock.
    He didn’t stop. He just leaned in a little farther.
    And this time… I didn’t move.
    I just stayed there and let him kiss me.
    His lips touched mine so softly that it was a surprise. He brushed them against me like a caress, testing me. When I didn’t pull away or say ‘stop,’ he closed his eyes and began to kiss me harder – but not much. It was more like a gentle, soft pressure… his full, sensual lips against mine.
    My heart stopped – and then began to pound in my chest.
    But I closed my eyes and kissed him back.
    It was like a dream… like a slow, sensual state of half-waking. He gave me smaller, tinier kisses on my top lip… my bottom lip… the corners of my mouth... and then pressed his lips fully against mine once again.
    I was aware of the tiniest things: the warmth and softness of his lips. The taste of mint on his breath. The smell of soap and a slight hint of aftershave.
    He put his hand lightly to my jaw, and I could feel his calloused fingers brush against my neck and the curve of my chin, and then gently cup my face.
    I felt the tip of his tongue slip between my lips – just a soft, slow, wet, sensual pressure… and I knew what he wanted, what he was asking for.
    And I gave it to him.
    I opened my mouth and let him inside me.
    He took his time, his tongue as gentle as his first tentative kiss. At first it was slow… wet and hot and soft… and gradually I began to match him, moving my tongue across his, feeling the wetness and tasting the mint on his breath. He used his lips to catch at my tongue, pulling gently on me, his own tongue retreating, inviting me into his mouth… and I did. I kissed him deeply but softly… slow and gentle, like I was hypnotized.
    And then he pulled away.
    We were only a few inches apart when we opened our eyes at the same time.
    I stared into those emerald green jewels, and they twinkled in merriment.
    “So… is that going to keep you awake?” he whispered mischievously.
    Later, I wondered why my inner voices weren’t screaming in horror, but I think it was that he’d caught me by surprise. And once I started kissing him, my brain turned to melted ice cream. Awash in sweet deliciousness, with no coherent thoughts at all.
    And my body… God, I had never been that turned on before in my life.
    Kissing Derek was like time standing still, nothing but pure sensation and animal instinct, nothing existing but overwhelming sensuality.
    My brain had pretty much short-circuited.
    The rest of me hadn’t, though. My breasts ached to be touched, and my panties were soaked. I usually didn’t get this wet until halfway through sex… and Derek had done it to me with two minutes of kissing.
    Okay, to be honest… it had probably only taken him ten seconds. I just didn’t notice how wet I was until we stopped.
    I said my brain had short-circuited. As it booted back up, there was only one thought in my mind:
    That wasn’t what I expected.
    I had thought he would be rough and brutish… that he would kiss hard and fast and violently. That had excited me, but also scared me.
    But this… this had been like slipping bit by bit into a deliciously warm bath. Toes, feet, calves, knees, thighs… and beyond.
    Sensual. Gradual. Gentle.
    “What are you thinking?” he asked, searching my eyes.
    I said the only thing that I could think of.
    “You kiss like a girl,” I whispered.
    He looked surprised – and then he laughed. “You’ve kissed a girl?”
    I have never, ever kissed a girl in my life.
    I blushed fire-engine red. “NO – I just meant – ”
    “Okay,” he interrupted with a whisper, “this time I’ll kiss you like a man.”
    And he leaned in and kissed me again.
    Ohhhhhhhhh sweet God almighty.
    He started off soft and gentle again, but that only lasted for a couple of seconds. Then his intensity began to ramp up, the pressure building, and I felt his tongue again, pressing, entering me, and I let it, and his lips were pressing harder against mine, his passion building, and mine rising to match his.
    He scooted his whole body closer to mine. Suddenly his arms were around me, lifting my ass up from the bed slightly, and pulling me against him. I felt the hardness of his muscles against my curves – his muscular chest against my breasts, his massive arms encircling me. His hands, so big and strong, clutched at my ass and then moved up my spine. He carefully lowered me onto my back, his hands supporting me, his body pressing against mine, as we sank down together onto the bed.
    By this point I was out of my mind with desire.
    When they talk about electricity, about a kiss being electric?
    They’re not kidding.
    It was like a soft, warm, gentle current moved from his body to mine – and grew more powerful and insistent by the second.
    As he lowered me onto my back, he rearranged his body so that he was on top of me, his weight bearing down on me, and it felt so good and so right and I wanted him to be pressed into me completely, hard against me, hard inside me.
    I lifted my arms up and circled them around his neck, and I opened up my legs.

Copyright 2013-2016 Olivia Thorne
No part of this excerpt may be reprinted or reused without author's permission.

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