The Billionaire's Kiss Part 1

Twenty-four-year-old Eve meets gorgeous billionaire Grant Carlson at a Hollywood gala. Things get hot beyond belief - until Grant does something unforgivable.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Especially when she's an internet security expert and former hacker. But Grant has a secret - one that will plunge both him and Eve into even greater passion - and incredible danger.

Steamy excerpt (Mature content):

    His lips are so warm against mine.
    The kiss starts off soft and sensual. Mouths pressed together… lips slowly caressing… his tongue touching my lips, and I open wide to take him in.
    His arms encircle my waist and pull me to him. I’m pressing against him, my soft curves against his muscles. Even under the designer tux, I can feel his rock-hard body.
    I can feel something else, too.
    Something thick and long, getting thicker and longer.
    The kiss starts off soft and sensual, but it rapidly becomes something else. Harder… more insistent.
    I don’t even notice. I’m caught up in the moment, thinking of nothing but how much I want his hands all over me…
    And then they are. Caressing the exposed skin on my back… drifting down my bare arms…
    Suddenly he seizes my hair at the nape of my neck and pulls back. I gasp as he moves his lips to my neck and bites gently at my throat.
    My blood is suddenly pounding in my ears. I’m immediately wet.
    I feel that solid pressure in his pants, now fully hard and jutting off to the side. Oh God… I can feel it pressing against my stomach… I want so bad to touch it, but I can’t, I shouldn’t, I –
    His fingers slip the strap of my dress off my shoulder, and now he’s kissing my collarbone.
    And now the top of my breasts.
    “No,” I gasp.
    “No?” he asks, amused, as he pulls back up and kisses me on my lips, gently stifling my protests.
    “We shouldn’t,” I gasp. My chest is heaving, my head is spinning.
    “You’re right… we shouldn’t be out here, alone, with no one to see us,” he purrs in my ear, tickling me, turning me on even more.
    His hand cups my breast. My nipple is already hard, and his thumb begins to circle it, making me ache so good – both there, and down between my thighs.
    “I shouldn’t be touching you like this… getting you all excited… getting you all turned on…”
    His other hand has been slowly grabbing my dress at my side, pulling it up an inch at a time, bunching it in his hand, pulling it up another inch. Now I can feel his warm hand against my bare thigh. His fingers slip between my legs and begin grazing the front of my thong, so softly, so sensually…
    “I shouldn’t be touching you here… I shouldn’t be caressing you like this…”
    My eyes are closed. I’m in another world, just lost in the pleasure. I know I shouldn’t be doing this, that I shouldn’t let him do this, but his words are mesmerizing me… slowly pushing past all my defenses…
    His fingers ease inside the top of my soaked underwear and began to softly stroke my clit.
    I moan. My whole body trembles.
    “I really shouldn’t be touching you here… I shouldn’t be reaching inside to stroke you like this…”
    His finger parts my lips, slides up along my groove. With all my wetness on his skin, he begins to circle my clit more insistently, rubbing up and down and all around it.
    My knees are buckling. My insides are fluttering.
    “I sooo shouldn’t be doing this… trying to make you come… you shouldn’t come for me… don’t… don’t come for me…”
    As soon as he tells me not to come, that’s all I can do. It’s a little orgasm, but it’s enough to completely obliterate any other thought in my head. Little pulses of pleasure shoot from my pussy to my toes and fingers all the way up to my head. I cry out, my eyes still closed, and try to keep my balance.
    While I’m still coming, his other hand grabs mine and puts it right on the front of his pants. Underneath my palm, I feel the outline of his shaft pressing against the fabric. Big, thick, very warm.
    That sensation just intensifies my orgasm, making me come a little harder at the end.
    “And you shouldn’t be touching my cock like that… shouldn’t be cupping it in your hand… shouldn’t be running your fingers across it like that…”
    It’s like I’m hypnotized. I can’t do anything but what he says. I’m too awash in pleasure… and I love the feel of that big, thick pressure in my hand way too much to let it go. I stroke softly up and down, loving the length of it, loving the way it strains under my touch.
    I feel his fingers tugging my thong down my thighs.
    I don’t protest. I just keep stroking his shaft, my eyes closed, my lips slightly parted, knowing I shouldn’t be doing this, but WANTING to, deep inside me to my very core.
    I hear a ziiiiiip and I feel him shift his hips, and suddenly my hand is touching hot, satiny-soft skin stretched tight over the biggest, hardest cock I’ve ever felt in my life.
    I stroke him softly all the way up to his crown.
    oh god oh God Oh God OH GOD
    I want to look at it, but I don’t want to break the spell. I don’t want to stop, and I’m afraid if I open my eyes, I will freak out and run away, and I don’t want to. I want more, I want –

Copyright 2012-2016 Olivia Thorne
No part of this excerpt may be reprinted or reused without author's permission.

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