The Billionaire's Kiss VOLUME 1

When 24-year-old Eve meets gorgeous billionaire Grant Carlson at a Hollywood gala, she thinks it's just one night of steamy passion. Turns out Grant wants something more: her help.

A murderer is stalking Grant, and he's convinced Eve is the only one who can help him catch the killer before Grant becomes his next victim. It's a game of cat and mouse where the passion runs hot, the pursuit is deadly, and all is fair in love and murder.

Volume One consists of the following shorter installments:
The Billionaire's Kiss
The Billionaire's Touch
The Billionaire's Caress
The Billionaire's Passion

Steamy excerpt (Mature content):

    He kisses me softly, lingering on my lips.
    I nuzzle against his body, trying to get closer.
    He feels warm… safe.
    Right now, my world is neither.
    But he is.
    I press my face into his chest.
    Under his pants, I can feel a slight pressure, growing.
    I reach down and touch him through the cloth. Feel him growing in my hand.
    “We don’t have to,” he whispers.
    I lift my head and kiss him.
    “I want to,” I whisper back.
    And I do. If for no other reason than to forget my fears, to blot them out at least temporarily. To use pleasure to give me a moment of peace.
    We kiss longer. His lips drift to my chest… slowly move up my neck, then higher. He gives me tiny delicate kisses on my ear that make me shiver, but in a good way.
    I unbuckle his pants as he lies there next to me. Slip my hand inside his underwear and find him. Soft, hot skin over a hardening shaft. I lightly caress him, my skin barely grazing his, making him stiffen even more.
    His fingertips trace over the tops of my breasts not covered by my blouse. One by one he undoes the buttons until he can reach his hands inside, run them over my lace bra, cup me in his palms. His fingers circle the fabric over my nipple, making me harden, and I arch my back against him from the pleasure.
    We slowly remove one piece of clothing at a time, lingering for long moments to enjoy the sensual slowness of it all.
    All of this is in the near-dark, and in complete silence. The only noises we make are the tug of fabric, the clink of metal, and stifled moans and sighs.
    My blouse comes off, and he spends minutes tracing his lips over my arms, kissing the insides of my wrists, sucking on my fingertips.
    I peel off his shirt, and I luxuriate in the hard bulges of his muscles. I trace my fingertip between the grooves of his abs, then over his massive pecs and biceps. I brush my fingers through the hair on his chest and lick his tiny, hard nipples with my tongue.
    My skirt is next. His hands find the inside of my thighs and stroke me, softly, all the way up to my panties, then move away just as I’m about to beg him for more.
    I take off his shoes and socks, then help him pull down his pants. I try to take off his boxers, but he stops me. Instead I play with that long, hard shape straining at the material… lovingly brushing my lips over the thickness of it, teasing him.
    He pulls me on top of him and reaches around to undo my bra – but he doesn’t just pull it off me. He keeps it in place, slowly pulling up the material from the bottom, exposing the underside of my breasts, licking from beneath until his tongue touches my nipple, wet and hot. I gasp as he takes me in his mouth. He removes the bra entirely, clutching my left breast with one hand while he sucks greedily at the other.
    Finally I break away and pull his boxers off. His cock is so stiff that it fights against the material, and I have to be careful to pull the waistband far away so as not to hurt him. But then he’s lying there naked, his shaft jutting into the air. I lick him up and down, slowly… pausing at his balls to loll them on my tongue.
    Finally he’s had enough, and he pushes me back and roughly removes my panties. But he doesn’t plunge inside me immediately. Instead he lowers me onto his cock, which lies flat against his stomach. My lips envelop just a few centimeters of the middle of his shaft, the same as if I were kissing him with my mouth. He slowly moves me back and forth, forcing my hips with his powerful hands, making my wet pussy slip up and down the surface of his cock.
    I lean over at an angle and grind my clit into him as I slide across his shaft. It feels so I good I don’t want it to stop… my thighs are pulsing, and I can feel my muscles fluttering inside my belly.
    I have to stop myself from making noises. Little gasps escape my lips, but I try my best to be silent. I feel like a teenager having sex in my parents’ house, with an ever-present danger of getting caught. That danger, that tension, makes it soooo much hotter. I come for the first time, my legs spasming. A little cry bursts out of me as I continue pressing myself as hard as I can into his rock-hard shaft.
    He’s trying to keep quiet, too, but deep grunts escape his throat – sounds he tries to repress, but can’t.
    Finally he can’t take anymore, and he pulls me all the way to the swollen head. I lift up on my knees, and he uses his hand to angle his shaft up so that he’s in line.
    Oh my God…

Copyright 2012-2016 Olivia Thorne
No part of this excerpt may be reprinted or reused without author's permission.

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