The Billionaire's Redemption (Kiss Part 5)

Sexy billionaire Grant Carlson and 24-year-old Eve are on the run from a madman. Grant's mysterious past - which initially got him in trouble - now pays off, as he recruits two former allies from the underworld of Paris, France.

Unfortunately, the strain is wearing on Grant and Eve's relationship. Especially since one of those allies might not be trustworthy. Now Grant and Eve must stop their psychopathic stalker before he tears them apart, and not just end their romance - but their lives.

The Billionaire's Redemption is the full-length novel ending to the Billionaire's Kiss series! 400+ pages!

Steamy excerpt (Mature content):

    Grant comes up behind my chair. “We’re alone.”
    “I noticed,” I say as I continue to type.
    He leans over and kisses my neck. “Want to take advantage of it?”
    It feels really nice, but…
    “I have work to do,” I say, trying my best to ignore his lips brushing against my skin.
    “You can take a break.”
    “Just because you don’t have anything to do right now doesn’t mean I don’t.”
    “Is it absolutely necessary? Right now?”
    “…no, but…”
    “It’s been awhile since last time,” he whispers into my ear.
    I scoff. “It’s been eight hours. Maybe.”
    “That’s awhile.”
    One of his fingers slowly traces its way down the front of my blouse, then stops and circles my nipple, which hardens underneath my bra.
    “We might not have another opportunity,” he murmurs in my other ear, as his left hand reaches down and undoes the top button of my blouse.
    I lightly slap his hand away – from the button. Not the finger that’s caressing my nipple. “We can’t just have sex every time there’s an opportunity.”
    “Why not?” he asks, and goes back and undoes the second button. This time I let him.
    “Because that would be a lot of sex.”
    “Nothing wrong with that.”
    His fingers slip inside my blouse and slip my left bra strap off my shoulder.
    I yank the bra strap back into place. “I have to work.”
    “Well… what if I just… do some things to you while you work?” he asks, trailing his fingers down the nape of my neck.
    Ohhhhh God.
    “Like what?” I ask, feigning complete disinterest, even though I’m incredibly turned on.
    “Why don’t I show you?” he whispers.
    I want to see where he’s going with this. “Fine. Do your worst.”
    “Or my best,” he says with a grin.
    He kneels down in front of my chair. I have to reach around his head to continue typing. This is so not conducive to work, but that ship has already sailed.
    I’m totally going to have sex with him.
    I just want to see what he’s going to do.
    He takes me by the hips and gets me to scoot my ass to the edge of the chair, so that I’m slumped down as much as I’m sitting. He slowly pushes my skirt up my legs until it’s around my waist. Then he leans over and begins to kiss the inside of my thighs. Softly… slowly. His lips are warm, and I feel the occasional flick of his tongue on my skin.
    His finger reaches up to my underwear and strokes the satin as softly as an eyelash brushing against your cheek. I can just barely feel the sensations through the cloth… but they’re exquisite. He’s softly caressing the hood of my clit, just enough to make me quiver.
    I was already wet before he starting touching me. Now I’m soaked.
    It’s getting really difficult to focus on the computer screen. I haven’t typed anything for at the last ten seconds.
    “Want to go to the bedroom?” he asks from between my legs.
    “Still working here,” I announce, and open a Word doc so I can type nonsense, like I’m doing something.
    He chuckles and goes back to work.
    He spreads my legs further apart, then gets his mouth right up against my underwear. He starts doing with his lips what he was doing with his finger just seconds ago: lightly caressing my clit. I can feel his hot breath where satin gives way to skin.
    Then he slowly edges my underwear to one side – centimeter by centimeter – with his tongue.
    Ohhhh FUCK.
    He starts licking my lips, gently. He moves the satin further aside, and strokes his way up my pussy, all the way to the top. He pauses, the tip of his tongue resting wetly on my clit. He circles it, sooooo slowly. There is an electricity between his flesh and mine, an overwhelming current of pleasure. It’s impossible to do anything but surrender.
    My eyes are closed and I let out an involuntary groan.
    My hips are trembling.
    I want more… I still want his tongue, but I want it harder than this. Faster than this.
    And I want it now.
    But he’s torturously slow and soft, licking my clit like he’s tickling it with a rose petal.
    “Please,” I breathe out, and wrap my legs around his back, trying to pull him in closer.
    His tongue brushes against me the tiniest bit harder.
    “Oh God, PLEASE,” I beg, and put my fingers in his hair and force him against me.

Copyright 2016 Olivia Thorne
No part of this excerpt may be reprinted or reused without author's permission.

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