Midnight Lust Part 2

Fiona came to Richards, California to solve her cousin Alison's murder. Now, however, Fiona's the one in danger.

On one side is Jack, the hot, bad-boy president of the Midnight Riders Motorcycle Club. On the other is Louis Shaw, the devilish but charming VP who has his own treacherous plans.

As the web of violence and intrigue tangles around Fiona, one thing becomes startlingly clear: she may be falling in love with the man who killed her cousin.

Part 2 of the Midnight Riders series!

Steamy excerpt (Mature content):

    I let my hands trail slowly downwards, feeling the hard bulge of his biceps, the solidness of his powerful forearms. His hands roved over me, too, but softly, gently, tracing over the cotton shirt, toying with my hardening nipples, circling my breasts, caressing the curve of my ass up the slope of my back.
    As we continued to kiss – hot, wet, soft, sweet – I traced my fingers over his abs, feeling the individual muscles hard and distinct beneath his warm skin. I toyed with the slight thatch of hair at the waistband of his boxers… and then I moved further down.
    He wasn’t hard yet – not all the way, anyhow. And that’s how I wanted it. I wanted to feel him grow in my hand, the same way I had felt him grow in my mouth the night before.
    I reached into the flap of his boxers and pulled him out. His cock lolled there on my palm, firm and thick, heavy and full. I very lightly stroked him, almost tickling him with the pads of my fingertips. I could get my fingers all the way around him in an ‘O’ shape when he was soft, but he quickly began to expand and get harder. Within seconds the distance between my thumb and my fingers began to grow.
    As I stroked up, I was stopped by the ridge of his head, that firm slope where the crown of the cock ends and the shaft begins. I imagined feeling that hard, firm ridge inside me again, massaging my g-spot as he almost came out, then plunging back in…
    The thought of it made me drip with desire.
    He started kissing down my chin, then my throat, then my chest. I lost hold of his gorgeous cock, but I didn’t mind, because by this point he had pulled the straps of my wife-beater down over my shoulders and exposed my breasts.
    He put his lips over my left areola and began to suck greedily. I moaned and arched my back. I could feel his firm, thick cock between my lower thighs, and I rubbed the smooth skin of my legs across its massive surface, feeling it take up so much space there, aching for it to slide further up my legs and deep inside me.
    But instead of going up, he went down. After switching to the right nipple and licking it to a hardened nub, he pulled up the wifebeater and began kissing down my belly, past my navel, down to my neatly trimmed bush. I groaned and writhed as he parted my thighs, then put his mouth right on my hot, drenched lips.
    Oh Jesus he was good. He started light at first, little tickling brushes of his mouth over my pussy. Then he began to lick me, parting my lips with the hot, wet tip of his tongue, and trailing up slowly until he reached the top. Then he just stayed there, his tongue resting on my pulsing clit, refusing to do more as I thrust my hips against his mouth in frustration.
    Slowly, slowly, he began to circle my clit, pulling back my hood with his finger so his tongue could swirl all over. I gasped as he enveloped me with his lips and started to suck, just lightly enough to pull my clit out of hiding and into his mouth. Then he increased the pressure (and pleasure) by escalating degrees as his tongue slid wetly all over me.
    Then he backed off my clit and – without warning – plunged his tongue as deep inside me as he could. I almost cried out as I felt the tip of his tongue caressing my walls, lapping inside me. Then he came back out and used his mouth to envelope me completely – hood, clit, lips, and all – and began sucking gently as he ran his tongue over my hot, throbbing flesh.
    As he gradually went back to focusing on my clit, I felt something thicker and harder push apart my lips and ease inside me. His finger began to slowly stroke deep inside me, caressing my g-spot as he continued to suck and lick and play with my clit.
    Damn this guy knew how to go down on a woman.
    I felt the first flutters of orgasm building in my thighs and belly. It felt so good – that feeling of creeping up the rollercoaster, higher and higher, but instead of being scary it was all bliss, every inch up the mountain another inch closer to ecstasy –
    And then he stopped.
    Not just stopped licking and stroking, but completely withdrew.
    No touchin’, no lickin’, no skin to skin, no nothin’.
    I opened my eyes in disbelief. He’d taken me quivering to the edge of the precipice, with release only seconds away – and then he pulled it all out of reach, leaving me there to ache and throb and writhe in unfulfilled agony.
    He had pulled himself off me and was now standing beside the bed.
    “What are you doing?!” I cried out.
    “Don’t come,” he ordered in a low, dark voice.
    “Oh my God, come on,” I groaned. “Please – I’m almost there – just a few more seconds – ”
    “I said, don’t come,” he repeated as he bent down and shucked off his boxers.
    As he stood back up, I caught sight of his cock in all its glory. Thick and long, with a swollen head almost as big as the base. The shaft curved up slightly, tantalizingly, like it was made for stroking a woman’s g-spot with every thrust. Apparently going down on me had turned him on, because his crown was slick with pre-cum. A single dribble of it hung from the tip of his cock like a silver thread in the moonlight.
    Oh my GOD. If I had been close to coming before, I was right on the razor’s edge just looking at that magnificent beast.
    Suddenly he grabbed my ankles, pulled my legs apart, and spun me roughly around on the bed so that my pussy faced him. A thrill shot through me – the animalistic turn-on of being manhandled by an alpha male.
    He pressed on the tip of his cock, angling it down, and let the head stop just a centimeter away from my drenched lips.
    “I’m going to fuck you bareback… but first you’re going to beg me for it,” he growled.

Copyright 2013-2016 Olivia Thorne
No part of this excerpt may be reprinted or reused without author's permission.

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