Rock All Night Part 2

Part 2 of the Rock Star's Seduction series, and sequel to Rock Me Hard!

Four years after their passionate night together, Kaitlyn is finally face to face with Derek Kane once again. She’s a struggling journalist. He’s the biggest rock star in the world. And he has an offer for her… but there’s a price.

Kaitlyn is wary. She still has strong feelings for Derek, but that’s the problem: he’s a womanizer, and fame seems to have gone to his head.

But Derek is gorgeous, charismatic, and seductive – and still seems to be in love with her. The longer Kaitlyn holds out, the more she wants to give in to him… body and soul.

Steamy excerpt (Mature content):

    I looked at him in shock. “Um… what’s this?”
    Derek grinned as he pulled off his sunglasses and tossed them on the bench next to the change of clothes. “You don’t expect me to go meet all my adoring fans looking like this, do you?”
    Then he lifted his hands up and peeled his sweat-soaked shirt up over his head, just like he had on our night together four years ago.
    I froze and watched the wet cloth slide over his bulging muscles, his perfect olive skin, the intricate design of tattoos across his chest.
    He was even hotter than I remembered.
    He’d gained a little muscle mass over the years. His abs stood out in relief from the rest of his body, and as he turned and threw the t-shirt down, his back flexed like a model’s in a Bowflex commercial.
    He kicked off his boots, peeled off his socks, unbuckled his belt –
    “You’re taking a shower?!” I asked, my panic rising just as fast as my arousal level.
    “That’s the only way I’m going to get clean.”
    The pants came off at the same time his boxers did.
    Oh my GOD.
    He was standing there, five feet away, completely naked, beads of sweat dripping down his perfect body –
    I tried not to look, I tried, but I couldn’t help myself: I glanced down at his cock.
    I’d only seen it by candlelight four years ago. In the bright light of the locker room, I was struck by how big it was, even when soft. Thick and full and heavy, swaying between his legs as he moved. Perfect and hot, framed by a thatch of dark curls, slick and damp from his sweat.
    FUCK I wanted to touch it so bad. Like I had four years ago.
    Instead I darted my eyes up at his face and tried, tried so hard, not to look down below.
    But it loomed quite large in my peripheral vision, that’s for damn sure.
    He smirked at me – probably because I was blushing furiously.
    “Relax… you’ve seen me naked before.”
    “Not in quite this much light.”
    He broke into a full-on grin. “That is true.”
    “Do you… have to do this?” I asked, getting a little angry – if only to camouflage how turned on I was.
    “What, talk to you?”
    “NO.” I gestured helplessly with my hand, careful not to stretch out my arm too far. “…th-this.”
    “Take a shower?” he asked, toying with me.
    “Stand here naked,” I snapped.
    “That’s usually how I stand around before I go take a shower,” he said, grinning. “I’m not shy – I figure I’ve got nothing to be shy about.”
    That much was certainly true.
    Then he grew serious, and his tone turned seductive. “Why… does it bother you?”
    I swallowed hard. “Yes. It does.”
    The naughty trickster smile flashed back onto his face. “Too bad.”
    “Oh, I got some new tattoos – I didn’t know if you noticed.”
    “Um… no,” I squeaked.
    He grinned even harder. He was sooo enjoying this, damn him.
    “Remember how I said I was going to get tattoos for every album I did?”
    I locked onto his eyes, trying not to look anywhere else, holding onto his gaze like a drowning person might onto a piece of wood.
    Maybe that’s a bad choice of words – ‘piece of wood.’
    Either way, it didn’t work.
    He lifted up his arm and pointed to his side, just below his ribcage.
    Less than two feet from his crotch.
    Unfortunately, I darted another quick look down.
    His cock was bigger now.
    Standing out slightly from his body – and growing heartbeat by heartbeat.
    Not hard yet, not fully erect, but definitely getting there.
    He was getting turned on by being naked in front of me.

Copyright 2013-2016 Olivia Thorne
No part of this excerpt may be reprinted or reused without author's permission.

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